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2014 Events

The Aims and Scheduled Events

   To maximize the growth of software and content industries, as well as that of affiliated businesses, by providing support for corporate activities with advanced digital technology such as Ruby.
  Goals (for 2016)
Ruby The number of Ruby development industries - 400,
the number of leading content industries - 100
The number of original product development industries - 200

(1) Improvement of development technology

  1. Help developing a new revolutionary product with Ruby
         Creating new applicable fields for Ruby and products with worldwide marketability, development of software with built-in light-weight Ruby, etc, and/or innovating a ground-breaking development model.
  A project utilizing Ruby for a development of new products.
Content of Support
  Up to one half of the developmental cost for the prospective project.
  10,000,000 yen
  2. Help developing accessory tools for Lightweight Ruby
          To develop the essential accessory debugger for Lightweight Ruby.
Partnering entities
  Fukuoka Prefecture,
NPO Specified Non-profit Corporation Murby Forum,
various software developers within the prefecture.
  3. Lightweight Ruby technicians training program
     To train technicians for Lightweight Ruby as well as to educate future employers of Ruby technicians about Lightweight Ruby for more possible employment opportunities. Also to hold an OJT with partnering businesses participating in our projects.
OJT Grant
  Period: maximum of six months, up to 316,000 yen.
  From fiscal 2013 to 2015.

(2) Creating a new business

  1. Hosting Ruby and Software Forum - New
         Eliminating the barrier between the software industry and the content industry, promoting collaboration among membership-based firms, and introducing the newest business trends.
  May 2014, March 2015
  Introduction of the industry's frontier businesses
The prefecture's newest case study
Networking with attending entities
  2. Community Support
     To support privately-held events and seminars utilizing Fukuoka Prefecture's Ruby or content industry promotion centers, in order to encourage networks of community information.
  IT/content-creation community
Content of Support
  Supporting events and seminars.
Providing a discount cost for the use of facility.
Introducing lecturers, etc.
  3. Fukuoka Business Digital Content Award
     Scouting for promising products and talented creators, and providing support for manufacturing of the product.
Application Period
  September 2014 - November 2014
  A digital content produced by a groups, an individual, or an entity either already in Fukuoka Prefecture or planning to be in near future.
  Product selection by contest.
Referrals by accomplished producers and a support for marketing in the major market.
List of Prizes
  Grand Prize - 1, Excellence Award - 3, Honorable Mention Award - 5, and a few special prizes
  4. Fukuoka Ruby Grand Prize
     Hosting a contest and a forum to evaluate software's and programs for further promotion of Ruby in businesses within Fukuoka Prefecture and to make Fukuoka into a potential hub.
Tentative Schedule
  Application period: August - November 2014
List of Prizes
  Grand Prize - 1, Excellence Award - 3, Honorable Mention Awards, special awards and others, etc.
  5. Promotion of Light-weight Ruby Implementation Business Matching
     Along with Specified Non-profit Corporation Murby Forum and other businesses within the prefecture, to promote Fukuoka Prefecture as the hub for and to help standardize the use of light-weight Ruby in the public by setting up a booth at various domestic exhibitions for large-scale embedded systems.
 Exhibition booths (TBA)
  ・ Embedded Technology 2014 (Osaka)
・ Embedded Technology featuring Leading Edge Technologies & Solutions - Pacifico Yokohama 2014 (Yokohama)
  6. Seminars for Lightweight Ruby implementation
     Along with other IT businesses and manufacturing industries from various fields, to hold "Lightweight Ruby implementation" seminars in order to introduce the advantages of using the light-weight Ruby to the public.
  Four fields, one for each.
(Automotives, energy, robotics, pharmaceutical/health care, agricultural/fishery, etc.)

(3) Promotion of Potential Products and Market Investments

  1. Promoting for the market release of promising products.
         To provide support predominantly for promising products and technologies by businesses within Fukuoka Prefecture including the submissions made for Fukuoka Business/Digital/Content Award.
  Corporations, groups, individuals.
Content of Support
  Screening process and referrals by accomplished producers from Japan.  A direct guidance.

  2. Tokyo Presentation
         To host a network/business meeting for research collaborations and business partnerships between Tokyo's major corporations and Fukuoka-based businesses,
  January 2015
  3.Silicon Valley Mission
         To support the product expansion into the international market by establishing a network with businesses in Silicon Valley.
  July 2014
  Silicon Valley, California, USA
  4. Support for the Expansion into the Major Market
         To set up a booth at influential specialty exhibitions in Tokyo and overseas in order to promote Fukuoka's businesses.
  Corporations, groups, individuals that holds the rights and the services of the developed product for this project.
Exhibition booths (TBA)
  Production EXPO (Tokyo),
ACE Fair 2014 (South Korea),
Digital Content EXPO (Tokyo)
  5. Supporting exhibitions for Cool Japan Fukuoka Fair and others
         Setting up a booth for creative contents for video games, animations, films at Cool Japan Fukuoka Fair in Bangkok, Singapore, and Busan as well as hosting a business matching.
  Must be our registered member.
Content of Support
  Setting up an exhibition booth for Cool Japan Fair.                          

◇ Tentative Plans for 2014

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