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Fukuoka Ruby and Software Industry Promotion Committee complies with laws and ordinances regarding personal information. The Committee manages the collection and usage of personal information in accordance with the following proper handling stipulations.

I. Definition of personal information

Personal information is information about a specific individual that identifies, or could identify, that particular individual (address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.).

II. Collection of personal information

In the event that Fukuoka Ruby and Software Industry Promotion Committee collects personal information, it will make clear the purpose of the collection. Personal information will be collected within the necessary scope in order to fulfill that purpose.

III. Ensuring the safety of personal informatio

The Committee strictly manages personal information and works to prevent leakage, loss, damage, falsification, etc. of personal information. Furthermore, the Committee quickly disposes of (erases) personal information for which there is no longer any need.

The utilization of SSL (encrypted communication)

Fukuoka Ruby and Software Industry Promotion Committee employs encrypted communication through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in some forms and other items in order to safely perform exchanges of data in which it is necessary to protect the user's personal information. SSL protects the exchange of information between Fukuoka Ruby and Software Industry Promotion Committee web server and the user's web browser. There is no need for the user to apply special settings in order to use this feature. SSL will automatically protect the user under his or her default internet settings. However, please note that there are cases when, due to factors such as the user's LAN settings or changes in browser settings made by the user, information on this site may not display properly or the user may become incapable of inputting information.

IV. Restrictions on the usage and provision of personal information

Excluding cases stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws, Fukuoka Ruby and Software Industry Promotion Committee will neither use personal information for a purpose for collection, nor will it provide personal information to third parties.

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